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Management and Leadership in the Hospitality Industry

Managers equipped with the right set of managerial skills and leadership qualities motivate employees to put forth their best. The need for visionary leaders in hospitality industry has been readily recognised and is seen as crucial to the long term well being and progress of the industry.( Whitelaw, 1998) 

Competent hospitality managers need a diversity of skills to meet the expectations of the industry. The basic skills include problem solving, decision making, planning, communication, delegation and self management. The practise of professional management also includes building as strong foundation based on leadership knowledge and development of innovative management. 

These skills are very important to run a successful hospitality industry. By efficient synchronizing these skills the industry can achieve the target goal and keep pace with rapid advancement in this highly competitive field. 

Click here for full article - www.ukessays.com/essays/management/skills-in-management-and-leadership-impact-on-hospitality-industry-management-essay.php

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