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Continuing to partner with DHL

2018 has seen our partnership with DHL Aviation here in the UK go from strength strength. Intensive work has been done with both the Supervisor and Senior supervisor populations across the UK Aviation Business. Building skill and competence to manage and lead the organisation at an operational level. 

Pete Bardens, UK Operations Director has been instrumental in ensuring this vital support has been given to the teams that deliver such impressive innovations and results for DHL Globally.

Our partnership is now in its 17th year and we continue to gain great satisfaction and immense pride in the relationship that exists with the staff and the leaders across the UK.

Andy Clemson, one of the Clemorton Directors commented, "The real impact that is felt day by day by the teams drives us to keep improving and evolving the programmes and interventions that we develop together".

Hundreds of staff have benefitted from the roll out of various competency led development Programmes and workshops this year, all of which have contributed to continued improvements across the UK hubs.

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