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"I have just completed the Essential Management & Leadership Skills course organised by Clemorton Consultancy Ltd. This was a 5 module programme spread over a few months.

As a new consultant (appointed 18 months ago) I have found it hugely informative and rewarding.  The course is extremely relevant for all staff - nursing / medical or administrative who have to manage personnel, and I personally found it very relevant to my practice.  As a confident extrovert, it allowed me to understand how my “dynamic” management style can affect different personalities, and how to get the best out of staff whom are very different to me.  I have recently put my training into practice with a trainee in difficulty and had to explain to them why I felt his behaviour was unacceptable and what I wanted to change.  Rather than having any conflict, due to me adapting my style as trained, I was rewarded with the individual thanking me for pointing out their failings as now he understood why things weren’t going well for him, something which he had never been told in his last two jobs!

With regards to the course, the organisation was excellent and the delivery of the format done in a professional, interactive, thought provoking way which allowed every individual to maximise the benefit gained from the course. I was particularly impressed about how the trainer / facilitator managed to balance the group to allow the quieter members to participate as much as the more vocal.  Despite everyone being from different backgrounds and seniority, this was never a problem and in fact, lessons were learnt from each others experience as well as from the trainer."  


Dawn Adamson 

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

"I would thoroughly recommend the training packages offered by Clemorton.  I have been through two of their programmes and I found both invaluable in my current role as Chair of our Local GP Commissioning Consortium.  What I was looking for was a compact course that focussed on the real issues that clinical manager’s experience.  I didn’t want be receive a lecture on management theory and I didn’t want them to spend half a day on a concept that could be understood within 10minutes.  Clemorton got the balance just right, delivering pragmatic guidance that I have applied to managing patients and surgery business as well as managing staff and situations through the consortium.

The programme was very flexible and allowed each of the attendees to share difficult issues they were facing at the time and without exception (and we tried really hard to come up with the most challenging problems) Clemorton were able to help us see a way forward with solutions.  We covered high levels topics such as strategic planning as well as more specific topics such as conflict resolution and working with difficult colleagues with entrenched views.

My experience has been entirely positive and I have no hesitation in recommending their support to clinicians looking to develop management skills in a time efficient manner."

Andy Watts

Chair Herefordshire GP Consortium

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